Life, Death And Animal Crossing

animal_xing_comic.jpgThere's little that can be added to this touching web comic, courtesy of, that tells the story of a mother and son's shared experiences in Animal Crossing, so we won't add much. It's something that simply must be read without "spoilers". Suffice it to say, it warrants reading in its original web comic form—seemingly translated from its Korean language origins—or viewing at its YTMND alternate home. We've mirrored the file below.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Animal Crossing Is Tragic [YTMND] 18. Animal Crossing [Kotaku via Spoilerium]


    It's funny how things slowly crawl around the net. I saw this last week on livejournal... great comic, though could've done without the last panel (which turned it from poignant to *roll eyes*).

    Wow... *speechless*
    Such a well composed piece of work~
    This shows that even in games, family still can be connected in some ways...

    This comic was not as funny as I was expecting.

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