Life Imitates Games

lifepersia.jpgI always love it when network television uses video gaming as a plot device. Take this past week's episode of NBC's Life, for instance. Life is a cop show featuring a quirky police detective who just got out of prison after 14 or so years after being framed for a murder he didn't commit. It's an excellent show most of the time, I promise. Last week's show revolved around a family of Persians (not the cats) whose son had been kidnapped and ransomed for some drug money. When they searched the son's computer they found reference to a file called 'Farah Level 10', but couldn't find the file. The crafty detective Charlie Crews then brings in the son's Xbox, which boots up Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. What follows is a montage of the game, complete with fake titles like the one seen above. When they finally get to level 10? A spreadsheet opens! AHA! Now I'm going to have to take all my drug money spreadsheets off of my Xbox. Damn TV writers. UPDATE: writer Boy Of Tomorrow ripped and posted the video of the sequence for your viewing enjoyment.

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    My God... I read this earlier and thought it sounded horrible, but nothing could have prepared me for when I saw it on TV.

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