Like Boobs? You'll Love Need For Speed ProStreet!

nfs_nsfw.jpgThe marketing geniuses at, I assume, at EA's UK offices may be on the receiving end of some advertising awards this year, as they've cleverly combined breasts and cars for a recent promotion for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 racer Need For Speed ProStreet. The promotion, featuring Page 3 girls Amii and Becky, explores what happens with four breasts are positioned within posing distance of a red Ferrari. We're still studying the results here at the Kotaku Media Labs, but at first blush, it seems that EA may have something here. We applaud them for being brave enough to think outside the box, looking forward to more bold endeavours from those responsible for this important Need For Speed ProStreet promo.

It should go without saying that this is 100% not safe for work. Observe scientifically only when off the clock, as some folks just aren't ready for something this progressive.

Need For Speed ProStreet (NSFW) [Page 3 via Polygamia]


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