Limited Edition Yellow PSP Slim & Simpsons Game Bundle. Oh And Glass

Limited Edition Yellow PSP Slim & Simpsons Game Bundle. Oh And Glass

pspsimpsons.jpgJust an hour or so ago I received a press kit for the Limited Edition Yellow PSP Slim & Lite, which is to be bundled with EA’s The Simpsons Game. You’ll be able to purchase said bundle starting from November 15, for the more than acceptable price of $299.

No PSP was included, but there was a packet of yellow jellybeans and two one Simpsons-themed shotglasses shotglass.

As you may have deduced, there should have been two shotglasses. Sadly, one failed to make the journey to my humble pad intact.

If those old Violet Crumble ads are to be believed, it’s the way it shatters that matters. Unless it’s something fragile. Like a shotglass. Mainly for the reason that it’s made of glass.

You can see both a whole shotglass, and less-than-whole shotglass, after the jump.
Now you see it…

Now you don’t.


  • @Musky: Yes, all the details in the post relate to the Australian release. Best way to know is to look for the little Oz flag.

    No word on the Spider-Man bundle.

  • I received the same press kit today, with exactly the same situation – one glass broken, one glass whole. Only it was Moe that survived the poor packaging instead of Homer…

  • Jelly beans and shot glasses, good to see EA’s all about health. But seriously why shot glasses with games? Lol they must have reliased some of their recent offerings will only sell if people are drunk. Although i applaud them for their wide market consideration, shots for adults, jellybeans for kids and broken glass for the increasing horde of emos. Or maybe EA sent it broken due to recent cutbacks…. in which case i wouldnt trust the jellybeans. Either way, yellow psp’s are pretty cool.

  • im looking to get one but that looks like a friken BANANA dnt think i will now. the white is the best by far ….cheers

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