Lionhead Denies Fable 2 Was Cancelled

fable_2_on.jpgThe "big Microsoft first-party title" that is 97% sure to be cancelled? It's not Fable 2. Similar to the responses that Remedy and Rare provided on the non-canceled status of Alan Wake and Banjo Threeie, a Lionhead programmer and the team's community manager have assuaged fan fears that the Molyneux-led role-playing game has been shuttered. "No, we are not cancelled", wrote a Lionhead staffer on the official community forums.

Another responded the cancellation was "all based on pure speculation, a bit of gossip at the end of a podcast" and that the game was "in full swing". Who wants to be next with the outright denial?

Is Fable 2 cancelled ? [Lionhead Community]


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