Lionhead Wants Help Writing Fake Curse Words

385px-Preacher62.pngIn Fable, the word "Arseface" was used when enough NPCs hated you. Good name. But it's been done. And Lionhead hates redoing the done. Like that dog in Fable 2—if it becomes Old Yeller, I'm gonna have some words with them. Anyway, they are looking for another bad name to call bad players. Our pick? Mother fucker. It's been done too, but not in Fable. Hit the comments with your worst, and then hit up Lionhead with some names that aren't bad enough to get you banned from their forums. Community Call Insult the Hero [via gamelife]


    And you'll be pleased to know, Mark, there's a "mother-fucking freeze ray" in the first level of Crysis.

    And you'll be pleased to know, Mark, that "mother-fucking freeze ray" made it into Crysis.

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