Live In Perth? Buy Assassin's Creed Right Now!

ACbeam.jpgIs it a dream? Or worse, a lie?

I don't think so. According to tipster AJ Mitchell, Gametraders in Carillion Arcade, Perth are currently selling copies of the Ubisoft title. If you happen to live nearby, or even in the same state (that's Western Australia, for the geographically-challenged), best get yourself there as quickly as humanly possible, before they sell out.

I guess not everyone was affected by the stock shortage.


    Alright. I'm slipping out the back door of my office right now. If I'm fired, it's your fault... and AJ's.

    Argh. I'd so slip out of the office too if it weren't for the fact that I have the limited edition pre-ordered elsewhere. :(

    I'm already racing over to EB as soon as I'm done here to get Mass Effect!

    Good weather for breaking streetdates it would seem

    on my way..

    that's like 15 minutes away, fuck that.

    That program looks really good. Am amazed how good graphics has become the last few years. Of course, these games require powerful computers and graphics cards.

    Speaking of the Carillion Centre, the EB there is selling copies of Mass Effect by the bucket load.

    Amen to that.

    Even though I have no interest in the game, I shop there so its cool that they get a mention on the site haha :)

    The jury is still out on this one for me.

    Still working through GHIII, Half-Life 2 and COD4 Multiplayer... there doesn't seem to be a huge need for me to get this.

    I could have my arm twisted over Mass Effect, though ...

    they are (or were) there, I saws them with me own peepers, but they were selling for the evil price of $110, which was ten dollars more than I had.

    There were six copies on the shelf for the 360, I didn't see for the PS3.

    the guys at have also confirmed it on friday.

    This is the only time I ever wished I lived in Perth.

    I just picked it up. It's the NTSC version, which is how they got it so early. Haven't had any problem with it even though it's NTSC. So far all I can say is wow...

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