Ludacris Signs On For Gerard Butler's "Game"

ludacris.jpgQuick introduction: Game is the name of an upcoming movie by Crank co-creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, as well as 300's Gerard Butler. It's about a futuristic MMO where players literally take control of real prisoners in a real prison. Got it? On with the Game-related news. Ludacris has just signed on to the project, and will be playing the role of the leader of a resistance movement aimed at toppling this "inhumane" pastime. I like Ludacris, not necessarily as an artist, he just seems like a good guy. He's also a fairly good actor. Only downside is his resistance group is called...Humanz. Hrm. Hrrrmmm. No. Ludacris Added to the Impressive Cast of Gerard Butler's Game [FirstShowing, via GSW


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