Majesco Goes Casual With Former Sega Exec

majescologo.jpgEvery day, more and more non-gamers are being drawn into our web by the gateway drug that is casual gaming, and Majesco wants a piece of the action. The developer has just announced a new studio opening in the LA area with a focus on casual gaming properties. Tapped to head up this new operation is former Sega VP of Development Bill Petro, who has also held that position at Atari along with working as a developer for companies like Konami and EA.

Majesco operations VP Gui Karyo said the new studio would focus on building a product line and IP assets that "emphasise fun, addictive game experiences." Karyo also praised the experience of Petro, who will report to him, as he welcomed him aboard in the studio's leading role.

See? Fun and addictive, but eventually leading to the harder stuff. Before you know it they'll have millions playing Advent Rising and they'll finally have to make the sequel. Feel free to steal that evil plan, Majesco.

Majesco Announces New Casual Game Studio, Appoints Former Sega Exec In Lead Role [Gamasutra]


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