Major Companies No-Shows To Korea's G-Star Expo

rokmap.jpg It's a sad, sad week if you're the G-Star Expo in Korea these days ('Korea's largest video and computer game expo,' happening next week): lots of Korean companies aren't attending, and you can forget major foreign companies (with the exception of Microsoft). Nintendo? Despite recently announcing a planned launch of the Wii next year, they said thanks but no. Sony? No PS3 games for you, G-Star! Blizzard? Hey, why would anyone want to exhibit StarCraft 2 in Korea of all places? Admittedly, companies like Blizzard have little need to attend yet another event in Korea, having hosted their own shindigs this year; but the general complaint seems to be 'Too much effort, too much money, not enough pay off.' It sounds like a fun time, though, and the past expos have been "dotted with controversies".

It was launched in 2005 with the government promising to make it one of the three largest game expos in the world. In the inaugural year, the organizers were blamed for displaying addictive electronic gambling machines such as "Sea Story.'' Those machines were later ruled illegal and thousands were confiscated by police from all over the country.

Then last year, a controversy arose regarding the costumes of "game girls.'' Many viewed the clothes of models at exhibition booths as inappropriate for the young audience. The case ended with the show earning a scornful nickname of "Girl-Star show'' after a female dancer accidentally exposed her breast in front of the all-age audience.

And I bet it'll be LOADED with terrible, over the top, and poorly translated press releases. Sounds like a fun conference to me.

Game Companies Shun G-Star Expo [The Korea Times]


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