Making The WiiSaber Is Hard

nintendo-wii-lightsaber-star-wars-game-coming-this-fall-from-lucasarts.jpgWe already know that the WiiSaber (that's Wii lightsaber...learn it, live it, love it) is coming, but just how hard is the task of design? Very hard. Like, it will be tough to get right, hard. And it's not just because of the Wiimote itself—according to TT Games' Jonathan Smith—one major developer behind the original Lego Star Wars games.

...the way you have to tackle the animation for a character that can mimic your movements is quite intimidating...When I play a game I want to feel like I'm a Jedi, not like I'm some kind of imbecile who just keeps on stabbing stuff in the guts. You're not going to be able to fight with style because you won't know how to put the moves together.

It seems like we're in need of a standardised lightsaber battle curriculum. Time for community colleges to step it up.

Will we ever get complete control of Star Wars' lighty-up sticks? [gamesradar][picture]


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