Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore Getting Zhengtu

zhengtu.jpg Zhengtu Online - one of the most popular MMORPGs in Mainland China (so popular the government even labelled it dangerously addictive last year!) - isn't content with mere Chinese dominance, oh no. The Zhengtu Network is partnering with Taiwanese and Malaysian companies to expand service into Southeast Asia. In typical fashion, the companies couldn't just leave praise of their game to 'It's so awesome we're more popular than Warcraft,' but have to put a particularly positive spin on things: it's not just an MMO, it's a tool to teach Chinese philosophy! I can't figure out the particulars, but I would run screaming from any game that heavily involved the teachings of Kongzi. Maybe it's just me:

"Game mission can teach gamers Chinese philosophy," said Tan Teck Seng, CEO of iG-Interactive Sdn Bhd, adding that the quizzes in the game will also be localised for the local gamers.

Chinese online games have developed speedily in the recent 10 years, which are benefit from the hardworking personnel of science and technology and the support of the government, said Gu Hongxing, first secretary and head, cultural office of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.

I love poorly translated press releases. The interesting part about all of this is that Chinese developers are really ramping up international efforts - it was a big week for several companies. I wonder when this stuff will hit the US, if ever?

Chinese online game to be launched in Malaysia [Xinhua]


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