Man Makes C&C: Red Alert Tesla Coil, Electrocutes Things

red_alert_tesla_coil.jpgIn an effort to protect his basketball court from Allied influences, Command & Conquer: Red Alert enthusiast Peter has focused his Tesla coil building expertise toward this Red Alert-style defensive tower. Not content to simply construct a real-life version of the structure from the ultra-popular real-time strategy game, Peter went the extra mile. He fashioned a squad of units—mostly from wood, cloth and wire frames—from the game, including a Tesla Trooper, Engineer and Conscript, through which he funnels thousands of volts of electricity. Let's give it up for science.

Now, who's ready to one-up Peter with their own homemade Tesla Tank?

Red Alert Tesla [Tesla Down Under - thanks, Janson!]


    hehe this is hilarious, would love to see a video of this in action.

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