Man Sues Microsoft For Halo 3 Lockups

halo3lawers.jpgThe first words in the title of this article might as well be a synonym for the word failure, but San Diego's Randy Nunez is going to go ahead and give it the old college try anyhow, filing suit against the giant corporation in the Southern California U.S. district court. Randy purchased a copy of Halo 3 from GameStop in mid-October, which was apparently plaguing the system with lock-ups, freezes, and crashes as he tried to play. Did he try a different copy of the game? Return the defective one to GameStop for a replacement?

The source story doesn't say. It just leaps from crashing Xbox 360 to filing suit against Microsoft for being in violation of consumer protection laws. Nunez is also after Bungie as well, and is asking the court grant class action status to the suit, allowing countless other hopeless, money-hungry saps to get in on a piece of the "being eaten alive by Microsoft's lawyers" pie. Trust me Randy. Just return the game for store credit and sit down quietly. You don't want to go up against MS. That way lies madness.

Microsoft Sued Over Halo 3's 'Consistent' Crashes [InformationWeek via Next Gen]


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