Manhunt 2 Credits Forget To Thank People Who Made Manhunt 2

rockstarvinna.jpgBoy, this Manhunt 2 game, it's looking more and more like a blood-soaked, epileptic-fit-inducing train wreck with each passing day. Today's development? If you can be bothered watching the credits, you'll see a bunch of names whizz by you. Thing is, a few names are missing. Like, most of them. See, the game was developed primarily at Rockstar Vienna, with work commencing in 2004 before the studio was closed down in May 2006. From there, development was wound up at Rockstar London.Yet over 50 Rockstar Vienna developers have been left off the credits, even though they'd done most of the game's hard yards! Sure, the game looks a bit crap, and we're all getting sick of the "hoopla", but that's 50 devs who put a few years of their lives into the thing. Least they could get was a little thanks/recognition. The full list of omitted staffers is after the jump.

Executive Producer: Hannes Seifert

Producer: Marin Gazzari Hannes Seifert Jurie Horneman

Associate Producer: Kirsten Kennedy Monika Sange

Lead Programmer: Thaddaeus Frogley

Programmers: Andreas Varga Mark Wesley Christian Bazant Adrian Garrett Andrew Howe Peter Melchart Uwe Pachler Christian Schmutzer Gareth White Bjoern Drabeck

Lead Level Designer: Gunter Hager

Level Designers: Georg Gschwend Jurie Horneman Attila Malárik James McLoughlin Klaus Riech Peter Saghegyi Ngoc Nguyen

Lead Artist: Leander Schock

Technical Artists: Stefan Kubicek Terence Kuederle

Level and Environment Artists: Michal Drimalka Daniel Edwards Paul Ellinor Maximillian Froemter Alexander Hager Guenter Hochecker Ian Maude John O'Malley Oliver Reischl

Character Artists: Julian Kenning Ulrich Radhuber

Lead Animator: Reinhard Schmid

Animators: Roger Barnett Steven Manship

Concept Artist: Christian Koppold

Lead Audio & Video Engineer: Tobias Kraze

Sound Designers: Darren Lambourne Dominik Mayr Steven Blezy

Video Editor: Bernhard List Lead Tester: Peter Ehardt

Testers: Melissa Lumbroso Simon Belton Michael Borras Helmut Hutterer Sameer Malik Joseph Sewell Bryan Thompson Kala Truman Kieran Gaynor Andrea Schmoll Markus Igel Localization: Tobias Kraze Bernhard List Managing Directors: Hannes Seifert Niki Laber

Technical Director: Tobias Sicheritz

Production Director: Thomas Schweitzer

Creative Director: Marin Gazzari Administration & Finance Manager: Dana Zajic

HR Manager: Michaela Gazzari

Operations Manager: Martin Filipp Technics: Chris Soukup Thomas Zajic Gernot Unger Marco Pietsch Peter Krakhofer Markus Skrivan

Internal Tools Development: Philipp Rettenbacher Thomas Passauer Martin Porocnik

Support: David Huettner (Character Artist) Donald Kirkland (Game Designer) Sebastian Harras (Level Designer/Artist) Jeff Wong (Animator) Helmut Hutterer (Tester) Gill Frank (Animator) Kerstin Knesewicz (Management Assistent) Kaweh Kazemi (Producer) Petra Gregorowitsch (Management Assistant) Melanie Friedl (Receptionist)

Additional Art: RABCAT Computer Graphics GmbH tidbit-images

Rockstar Vienna's missing credits for Manhunt 2 [Intelligent Artifice, via Gamasutra]


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