Manhunt 2 "Uncensored" By PSP Hackers

manhunt_2_uncensor.jpgRockstar Games solution to remove the Adults Only stigma from Manhunt 2? Smoke, mirrors, a couple of wavy lines—it all amounts to a blurry filter that makes each of the game's brutal executions harder to make out that scrambled soft porn on premium cable. Not the most elegant solution, but it apparently turned something AO into A-OK for the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Today, it appears that some industrious Russian hackers may have found a way to eliminate that excessive obscuration, essentially "uncensoring" the game.

The hack, one that the general public will most likely never see, as it requires a disk image of Manhunt 2, software "back up" tool UMDGen and the editing of a pair of initialization files to explicitly turn off the added filter. No one will accidentally stumble upon this hack, unless they went through the above effort or happened to illegally download a modified version of the game.

We haven't tested the ISO editing trick, as specified at the MaxConsole forums, nor do we have confirmation that the alleged hack works. Regardless, we're sure that more discussion will follow as word gets out and certain parties use this exploit as a talking point for the eternal damnation of our children.

Uncensor FAQ for Manhunt 2 [MaxConsole Forums - thanks, Jack!]


    Sooo...once certain people get wind of this, are we looking at another Hot Coffee? It requires a bit more harcore haxz0ring, but who knows, same basic principle. The content is still there...

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