Mario, Buzz Aldrin Go Zero G

mario_zero_g1.jpgMario? Check. Septuagenarian? Check. Those are checklist items one and two for shilling a Wii game, according to the new Nintendo marketing philosophy. This time, the old dude bringing credible wrinkles is famed astronaut Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin who recently joined an underpaid chap in a Mario suit for a zero gravity flight to promote Super Mario Galaxy. The flight is quite similar to the one our own part-time plumber Mike Fahey enjoyed when he took to his digestive tract on a wild sky ride with Richard Garriott.

More pictures of Mario filling the inside of this giant Mario head mask with partially digested mushroom soup after the jump. Notice how menacing Mr. Aldrin looks? He's a Nintendo approved sadist.mario_zero_g2.jpg



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