Marvel Offers Comics Online

mdcomics.jpgMarvel Ultimate Alliance, X-Men Legends, Marvel VS. Capcom - you've played the games - now read the comics - online! Marvel Comics has launched a new subscription service called Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, which allows you to traipse through their back-issues via a web-based browser. $US 9.99 a month ($US 4.99 yearly) gets you unlimited access to around 2,500 comics available now, with 20 more released each week thereafter. While you won't be able to stay current - it'll be at least six months before new comics are eligible for inclusion in the service - you will be able to catch up with your favourites without having to pay through the nose for back issues. As a fan that used to shell out upwards of $US 50 a week on comic books, this is an unbelievably awesome deal. You can test out the reader for free right now at the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Website. Just keep in mind the service just launched, and they are getting slammed.

Marvel, other comics go online [Yahoo! News via Evil Avatar]


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