Masaaki Kaneko Slide Funnies

slidefunny.jpgThere’s always risk involved when you run a chunk of text in a foreign language through an online convertor. Most tend to use services such as Babel Fish to get a general idea of what’s going on. It’s unlikely you’d use the pseudo-English output generated by one of these magical services for any formal presentation.

Yet Basiscape’s (Final Fantasy XII, Romeo x Juliet) Masaaki Kaneko did. He’s a brave man, that’s for sure.

I felt bad for getting a giggle out of Kaneko’s slides for his presentation “The Difficulty of Drawing” at Melbourne’s Game Connect over the weekend – slides that he’d hastily fed into an online Japanese-English lanugage convertor. But I comforted myself with the fact that it was probably meant to be humorous, and that the presentation itself was very informative.

Essentially, Kaneko discussed the importance of respecting the capabilities of each console’s audio system, and that just because a console can do something nifty with sound, doesn’t mean a developer has to take advantage of it. In fact, Kaneko believes games today go overboard in the audio department, and that it is more difficult to recognise an excess of “sound”, compared to lack of it.


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