Mass Effect Bonus Preorder Disc Really Exists

me_preorder.jpgTipsters MercSal and Bleek let us know this week that certain retailers, including GAME and EB Games, are providing a bonus disc for customers who preorder Bioware’s Mass Effect.

Bleek had this to say:

… The Pre-orderer receives a bonus CD with some nifty stuff such as an Exclusive Gamerpic set and Theme, 4 original tracks and some other stuff.

After searching the EB Games website for a good 30 minutes looking for additional info and finding zilch, I contacted EB directly. This was the response:

Our pre order deal for Mass Effect is on our website “¦ [Those who preorder]will receive a free bonus disc, the details of the disc contents are on the site.

Thinking I must be daft, I went back and had another look. After clicking pretty much everywhere, I did find a reference to the preorder offer – in the catalogue.

However, as you can see from the picture above, it’s not that informative. In fact, it recommends you chat with staff in-store! Either I’m blind, or EB Games isn’t up-to-date with its own website content.

Is anyone able to confirm whether I need to visit my optometrist?

UPDATE: Still no info on the EB Games site, but Microsoft’s local presence has confirmed that “participating retailers” in Australia will be getting the preorder disc. List incoming.


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