Mass Effect Bonus Preorder Disc Really Exists

Mass Effect Bonus Preorder Disc Really Exists
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Tipsters MercSal and Bleek let us know this week that certain retailers, including GAME and EB Games, are providing a bonus disc for customers who preorder Bioware’s Mass Effect.

Bleek had this to say:

… The Pre-orderer receives a bonus CD with some nifty stuff such as an Exclusive Gamerpic set and Theme, 4 original tracks and some other stuff.

After searching the EB Games website for a good 30 minutes looking for additional info and finding zilch, I contacted EB directly. This was the response:

Our pre order deal for Mass Effect is on our website “¦ [Those who preorder]will receive a free bonus disc, the details of the disc contents are on the site.

Thinking I must be daft, I went back and had another look. After clicking pretty much everywhere, I did find a reference to the preorder offer – in the catalogue.

However, as you can see from the picture above, it’s not that informative. In fact, it recommends you chat with staff in-store! Either I’m blind, or EB Games isn’t up-to-date with its own website content.

Is anyone able to confirm whether I need to visit my optometrist?

UPDATE: Still no info on the EB Games site, but Microsoft’s local presence has confirmed that “participating retailers” in Australia will be getting the preorder disc. List incoming.


  • I work for GAME and have been guaranteed that it’s coming with the bonus disk.
    Heck, it was in my best interest to double check- I have a copy pre-ordered too!!

  • No. Australia isnt getting the collectors edition. We still get the bonus disc when you preorder which contains about half the stuff the CE has. EB currently has advertising in store for it and staff have stated that we will get the bonus preorder disc…

    At the very least i want a metal box 😛

  • I made my preorder today. 2 different stores close to each other told me the same thing:

    1) There was a disc and Id definately get it with a preorder
    2) They thought we were meant get it when we made the order, but it looks like itll be coming with the game

    Both my EBs are good. If the bonus disc comes out before launch Im sure I could ask and theyd give it to me, but one thing is clear they didnt have the discs by the 7th like they said they would.

    Like Atroso said: Collectors Edition != Bonus Disc

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