Mass Effect Handles Inter-Species Sex With Restraint, Dignity

Those looking forward to Mass Effect for it's real-time dialogue mechanic, you can get a real good look at it throughout this trailer. Those looking forward to hot girl-on-girl-alien action, well you might want to skip to about the 1:03 mark. Just don't expect flailing blue nipples - BioWare are taking the PG-friendly route when it comes to interstellar boots-knockin.


    Well there goes my erection :(

    .. and my pre-order.

    What happened to "Breast Profile" according to the ESRB?
    There was nothing like that in there. Maybe its later on, but i'd hate for it to be cut.

    It's like Titanic in space. Except with two girls, and no steaming up windows, and no iceberg.

    Maybe the iceberg shows up later.

    hand fetishists however, are thrilled!

    You know, I'm not going to watch this. They say the anticipation is more delightful than the act and, if that's the case, it's going to be just as confusing and disappointing as my real first time.

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