Mass Effect LE Coming to Canada

IMG_1949.JPGTwo days ago when I unboxed Mass Effect Limited Collector's Edition, I saw this note in the comments:

I really wish this was sold here in Canada and not just in the US. I mean, a Canadian company made the game. Damn, and that box is beautiful; it would definitely compliment my Halo LE box.

I couldn't sleep that night, with thoughts like "I'm proud to be a diesel drinking American" "I feel so bad for our Canadian readership." But according to Bioware's community manager Chris Priestly, Canadians will have plenty of chances to buy this limited edition version:

We have some good news to pass on for our fellow Canadians who were initially upset that they could not buy the Mass Effect Limited Collector's Edition here in Canada.

We can now confirm that the LCE IS available for sale through at least 2 websites in our ongoing attempts to make it available to as many people as possible.

It has been spotted for sale at both and If anyone else sees any retailers that are offering it, please post here and let us all know.

Once again, in Canada and the US the LCE is only available through online orders, not in stores.

But I still don't get the whole online order only deal. Screw shelf space.

New Collector's Edition news. Now available in Canada [bioware}


    still not for australia -_-

    Any word if the game is region coded or not?

    And thus begins the story of an aussie teen gamer mentally willing himself to teleport to bioware HQ and strangle the bastard in charge of distribution.

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