Mass Effect Limited Edition Online-Only (US), Not For You (Can, Aus)

MECE.jpgBioWare have just explained what's going on with the Mass Effect Collectors Edition. As in, which regions are getting it, and how they can get hold of it. As largely confirmed by EB Games' notices, in the US, you can get the CE only from "select online retailers". The game's bonus disc, though, will be available both online and in stores. In Europe, you can get the CE from stores, but the bonus disc isn't being made available. As for Canada and Australia, well, you get fucked, and will be getting neither. Sorry. New Limited Collector's Edition and Preorder Bonus Disc news [Mass Effect Forums, thanks Fraser!]



    Actually, you can get the pre-order disk from GAME retailers in Australia.

    yes, i do work for GAME in a retail capacity, but i would have bought from EB if they could give me a collectors edition, sadly, when i asked, they said they had nothing, no bonus no collectors

    Confirming Mercsal - You definitely can get Mass effect on pre-order, because I have a copy on pre-order from an EB in Brisbane.

    Mass Effect? More like Massive Defect... *curls up in a ball to defend self*

    But seriously, this has ruined my day. First I pre-order Assassin's Creed knowing I won't be getting the sexy Altair figurine, and now I find out I won't be getting any of my bonus Mass Effect swag, what a drag.

    I think this is just more punishment for kicking the shit out of the US's economy.

    more saying that the pre order bonus disk is available from GAME, from what ive seen EB isnt offering the bonus disk

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