Mass Effect Soundtrack On Sale Tomorrw

51f3dnQXWmL._SS500_.jpgWhile some of you may be excited to play Mass Effect, others of you will be too poor or not own Xbox 360s. For you we have a consolation prize. It's called salt in the wound the Mass Effect Soundtrack. Featuring over an hour of music from the original score, Jack Wall (Myst IV, Sam Hulick (Maximo), Richard Jacques (The Club, Jet Set Radio) and David Kates (Battlestar Galactica) all teamed up to produce a soundtrack modeled after Blade Runner and Dune. We're not the types to blast soundtracks on our nonexistent commute to work, but there's no question that the game's music is incredible. It'll be just about everywhere tomorrow for the price of a standard album.

Mass Effect Soundtrack Arrives Tomorrow [teamxbox]


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