Mass Effect Special Coming to SCI FI One Day Late

Picture-46.jpgUntil Mass Effect is released on Nov. 20th and faces our impossibly high geek expectations, we can only comb over press releases for nuggets of missed goodness. That's how we realised that we'd completely missed the announcement that SCI FI, who has partnered like crazy with the game already, will be airing the 30-minute special Sci vs. Fi: Mass Effect on launch day. As we willingly inject ourselves with advertisement for a game we could otherwise be playing, we'll see:

...more in-depth information about the game, exclusive interviews and exciting behind-the scenes footage.

While this is a really neat idea and many of us will still tune in (via DVR), why wouldn't SCI FI run the special before we're playing the game, like on the 19th?

Mass Effect on SCI FI [scifi]


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