Mass Effect Street Date Broken Ten Days Early

masseffect.jpg You know, this whole broken street date is starting to become old hat and normally I wouldn't give it too much thought. But, when the game in question is a title as big as Mass Effect, it bears some looking into. Emails have been coming in over the last four or five hours from happy gamers with attached photos of them delightedly clutching their prizes, their eyes bulging with excitement. Personally I wouldn't even take the time to snap the picture or send the email because I would be too busy playing, but I thank them for their enthusiasm in doing so so we could bring the news to the masses.

So, if you live near a K-Mart and can get there before the word spreads and Bioware makes them yank it of the shelf, you could be playing Mass Effect this afternoon. A check at my local K-Mart saw me leave empty handed, but who knows, you may get lucky.

CAGs Score Mass Effect Early at Kmart [CheapAssGamer]


    neg here - checked kmart and bigw.

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