Mass Effect To Hit Oz Early? [Update]

mass_effect_1.jpgReports from tipsters Kookamoo and Dimorphic suggest that Mass Effect is available at EB Games today - a full week ahead of its original date of the 22nd.

A quick peek at the product on EB's website does indeed reveal a new release date of the 16th.

Dimorphic even received a call yesterday from the kind folks at the games retailer:

My EB called me this afternoon and told me that they will have Mass Effect in store tomorrow and they have changed the release date on their website to the 16th Novemeber 2007.

A knee-jerk reaction to the broken street date in the States? Or a planned assault to catch Xbox 360/Bioware/RPG/lesbian alien sex fans unawares? Regardless, what the heck are you doing reading this? Buy the damn thing already!

Update: Turns out some retailers got their copies earlier than they should have. Despite calls from Microsoft to stop handing out the game, the selling continues. According to MS:

The stock slipped through our logistics provider early by mistake. The official release date remains November 22nd, we are working with our retail partners around this.

Seems like it's a bit out of its hands now...


    My pains of a delayed Assassins Creed have been alleviated. A the sweet nectar of a bioware rpg.

    EB Website is back to 22/11/07 now.

    But I'm not getting my 360 until the 20th Nov. Damn. I need to reschedule. At least we're getting it before the US.

    I was at an EB last night and overheard someone, possibly a staff member, chanting "Mass Effect tomorrow" over and over. I'd be more excited if I thought my 360 was going to see any action this weekend, but I'm just too busy for games. I'm not going to bother picking up Mass Effect until I have a free weekend where I can spend every waking hour with a controller in my hand.

    I'm guessing that they needed a "big game" for this week seeing as Assassin's Creed was delayed, so moved Mass Effect forward.

    I just went into EB at Vic Gardens to see if they had it, the chick at the counter said it's scheduled to come in on their delivery today. Guess we'll see if they get it by lunchtime :p

    Hmm this is interesting i think it also had todays date in the JB HiFi Catalougue but i could be wrong

    God. Damn. It.

    Ok so Mass Effect wasn't supposed to be out till the 22nd, and Assassin's Creed got pushed back to the 21st as well. I already had plans to purchase a PS3 when Haze came out, but since it was pay day on Wednesday, and there was no Assassin's Creed to hold me over, I decided to pick up the PS3 and Folklore instead.

    The next day was Thursday, and I was eager to start building my PS3 game collection straight away, so I picked up Ratchet and Clank : Tools of Destruction (which is AWESOME btw) looking forward to playing the two games over the weekend, while getting ready for the total overload the addition of Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect would bring.

    Now I find out Mass Effect might be available at my local EB AT THIS VERY MINUTE? (ok so half an hour from now when the store opens) WTF? Now I'll have no time at all to play the PS3 before I get swallowed up into the Mass Effect world, and to make things worse, I don't have anywhere to play the damn thing because all my furniture (TV and consoles included) are squashed into another room while my house gets re-carpeted.


    Yeah, I called my store last night too

    Their stock doesn't arrive in til then - so don't go rushing off to get it people, give them a call first.

    Anyone have proof yet? (shops should be opening soon)

    If so i'll have to get out of work early so i can make the shops before closing time.

    its going to be a sleepless weekend.

    I just rang my local EB and they gave me their usual bully tactics about getting a pre order on it ASAP to make sure I get a copy. Apparently it arrives in store sometime after 3.00pm

    I just bought Crysis. This is going to strain the finances and my relationship with my family. Damn.

    Yeah, i just called my local EB stores here in canberra and they both confirmed they are getting it this afternoon...

    The EB website is now showing 'Mass Effect in stores today'

    The logan hyperdome EB Games won't be getting their stock in until Monday FYI.

    Rang JB and the guy said they should be getting it in their deliveries today also. $79 from JB, so people could try there or try and get EB to price match :p

    I just received an SMS from the Knox City Ebgames in Melbourne saying that my pre-ordered copy of Mass Effect is in stock! Not only that, the SMS said you can get the game for free when you trade in a copy of Call of Duty 4.

    Why would you want to get rid of Call of Duty 4?

    Got it!

    Psssssssss! ::pumps fist::
    Heading to my EB at lunch time.

    Anyone found whether they can get it at JB's or not? I've got a preorder there :(.

    FYI kids, a lot of stores already have it, and are indeed already selling it. Only EB Games, though, everywhere else is being held to the 22nd.

    I'm hoping that JB Hifi's going to be doing the same thing. I'd rather wait a week than buy it from EB with their ridiculous stock prices.

    I'm touching it now..... damn that feels good.

    Its definitely in stock at EB in Melbourne, at least.


    damn, do u kno if JB Loganholme has it??? or dose anyone kno if Mt Gravatt or BrownsPlains EB hav it in???

    its true, got my copy this morning

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