Mass Effect To Hit Oz Early? [Update]

mass_effect_1.jpgReports from tipsters Kookamoo and Dimorphic suggest that Mass Effect is available at EB Games today – a full week ahead of its original date of the 22nd.

A quick peek at the product on EB’s website does indeed reveal a new release date of the 16th.

Dimorphic even received a call yesterday from the kind folks at the games retailer:

My EB called me this afternoon and told me that they will have Mass Effect in store tomorrow and they have changed the release date on their website to the 16th Novemeber 2007.

A knee-jerk reaction to the broken street date in the States? Or a planned assault to catch Xbox 360/Bioware/RPG/lesbian alien sex fans unawares? Regardless, what the heck are you doing reading this? Buy the damn thing already!

Update: Turns out some retailers got their copies earlier than they should have. Despite calls from Microsoft to stop handing out the game, the selling continues. According to MS:

The stock slipped through our logistics provider early by mistake. The official release date remains November 22nd, we are working with our retail partners around this.

Seems like it’s a bit out of its hands now…


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