Mgame and CDC Lawsuit To Reach Happy Conclusion?

yulgangchaos.jpg My weekends these days aren't complete without a helping of the week's Chinese game company lawsuit goodness (hey, it beats grading papers), and it looks like - despite China-based CDC Games and Mgame tossing around heated legalese the past few weeks - the companies are primed to kiss and make up. The CEOs from both companies met in Seoul to sign an agreement to 'negotiate in good faith' to reach some sort of mutually agreeable resolution to the battle over popular MMORPG Yulgang. Just last week, CDC Games was still claiming breech of contract and Mgame was screeching about non-payment, but the tune has definitely changed:

The parties agreed to work together to find a mutually satisfactory result and signed an agreement to agree to negotiate in good faith over the next several weeks to resolve all differences between the parties and reach an amicable solution.

"We are happy that the parties have agreed to negotiate and we are confident that we can reach a win-win solution for all in the near future," said Xiaowei Chen, Ph.D., president of CDC Games.

Apparently CDC doesn't feel like being the next Chinese company to rip off a Korean company's IP (doesn't look so good when you're trying to combat low-level piracy) and Mgame doesn't want to lose their piece of the lucrative Chinese market. We'll see how this pans out.

CDC Games and Mgame Agree to Negotiate to Resolve Differences over Yulgang [Yahoo]


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