Mickey Mouse Doesn't Look Like a Mouse

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Big Friggin Spider

Likewise bug problems here. Man, I was on edge all day today. There is a large mosquito buzzing around the apartment, it stung the wife and kid and seems to just get in my field of vision when I'm trying to write. Chalk my not being stung to tasting like crap. :)

Went up to the school today. Basically, Mini-Bash has been a week because he's been a non-stop puke monster. Last night was lovely. Oh, yes, the joys of parenting! Today, he had to go to dance practice for his school's big rhythm event. For the show he's in, he will play a mouse. We saw him in the ears today. Obnoxiously cute.

The car ride home was him not believing that Mickey Mouse was in fact a mouse. I guess it would help if he knew the English word for mouse. Know that I think about it, Mickey Mouse doesn't really look like a mouse at all...

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