Microsoft Game Studios Built On Quicksand? Whatever, Says Microsoft

pbfmonkey.jpgSo what if top-shelf developers are fleeing the good ship Microsoft. So what if Microsoft Game Studios has been described as sitting on "quicksand". So what if we get some rad Wu-Tang and Anthrax jokes out of the whole mess. Think any of that matters to Microsoft? Course it doesn't. MGS General Manager Phil Spencer doesn't need Bizarre, or Bungie, or even BioWare on the books any more. Not when they've got Fable! And...Banjo Kazooie!

I will say - and I mean it respectfully - that I find it all a little humorous. I don't think people sometimes completely understand the relationship between a publisher and a developer. But I know what our relationships with our partners are, and I know the collaboration.

I think speculation is fine - it's good to have smart people talking about what's going on. But I think this time next year, when we're sat here talking about a great Banjo game or a great Fable game, or other upcoming games, it will all be a distant memory. I understand the speculation - but quicksand in our foundations? No way.

Phil, you're so right. Forget Halo, Mass Effect and PGR, all you really need are more Rare Xbox exclusives. Those things are great. Game On - Part 1 [Develop][Image]


    Halo and What Effect? I've never even HEARD of them. MGS (no, not the Konami kind) will be fine.

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