Microsoft on Epic vs. Silicon Knights FIGHT

Mikkel-Kessler-Beyer6.jpg That Epic Games vs. Silicon Knights legal clusterfuck? One messy He Said, She Said. Too Human developer Silicon Knights is taking Gears of War maker Epic to court over Unreal Engine woes. Since both titles are from publisher Microsoft, surely Microsoft must have an opinion the squabble. Micrsoft Game Studios' General Manager Phil Spencer:

No, we're not involved in any of the actions between Silicon Knights and Epic - that's a relationship that they will figure out. But we are deeply involved with making sure that the future of Gears and the first iteration of Too Human are great games on our platform. At a technical level we've done work on both games to help further — in the case of Gears — squeeze out ever bit of power out of the 360, and — in the case of Too Human — set the foundation for a franchise... We're playing Too Human now at MGS and, as I say — while it's obviously not finished it's definitely showing the promise it showed a few years ago.

How many years ago, Phil? Microsoft on Legal Fiasco [Advanced Media Network via Destructoid][Image]

Eds Note: Pics of Microsoft's Phil Spencer are appreciated. We'd love to give him a GIANT FACE.


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