Midway Having Some Wii Problems

midway_car_vault.jpgCalling the Wii "a victim of its own success", Midway execs revealed during today's earnings conference call that production problems at Nintendo may have a financial impact on the Chicago based publisher this holiday. After speaking of delays in Europe for a number of products on Nintendo platforms, including the gorgeous Wii racer Cruis'n, the team warned of "reduced availability of Wii product to meet reorder demands for our existing Wii catalog of titles as a result of Nintendo's software production constraints."

The upcoming holidays and impressive Wii sales have "put a pretty big strain on Nintendo's production capacity" and may result in some older Midway titles being understocked. Look, as long as we get our copies of Cruis'n in the US of A, we're cool. Otherwise, I'm heading to the Nintendo factory myself and stamping out a disc for my own use.


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