More Treasure Coming To Wii Virtual Console

alien_soldier_vc.jpgThe ESRB has updated its ratings database with a few new potential Virtual Console candidates for the Nintendo Wii, with Treasure's Alien Soldier leading the list. The Sega Genesis (okay, Mega Drive) side-scrolling shooter was never released in North America, but did get a release in Europe, meaning stateside Treasure fans with a bent for bird-men in space suits should be furiously wiping palm sweat on their jeans upon the ultimate release. While I already have Alien Soldier in my possession, it's nice you will soon play it, too.

Another Sega Genesis release, Shining Force II has also passed the ratings board, giving strategy RPG fans another shiny dose of 16-bit fun. Finally, Taito's Bubble Bobble has snagged itself an E rating, much to the delight of Bub and Bob fans. This is where I'd normally urge caution in that these games could be weeks or months away from a VC release, but I'd rather see raw, unbridled enthusiasm.


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