More Wii Ware Details (File Size, Budgets, Etc)

wiiwarelogo.jpgInterested in learning a bit more about Wii Ware? Course you are. Keep reading. On the latest IGN Wii podcast, a load of details on how the system will work were revealed, adding to the collective body of WiiWare knowledge. Probably the most important are that game's have a size limit: 40mb. How that Final Fantasy game's coming in under that, we've not the foggiest. Apparently most budget sizes are under $US 100,000 (ie peanuts), prices are being set by developers and those devs can only release one game a month. Consider our interested piqued.

Wii-k in Review Podcast: 11/12/07 [IGN, via Go Nintendo]


    40Mb - yer it's a bind but realistically the Wii only has 512Mb of memory available (or 500 "blocks") so at 40Mb a pop, it's not many more games.

    You can backup games on SD cards, but that significantly reduces how many people will download the games.

    In any case, it's about freaking time Nintendo supported new online games!

    Depending on how effectively it's used, 40mb is plenty for a lot of games, particularly the type that is meant to be on WiiWare.

    ROFL Luke, way to spells.

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