Morrissey Or Corgan? The Eternal Question

To: Ash From: Simon RE: Don't Eat At Empty Sushi Restaurants

Oh dear - the "Sushi Incident of 2007" sounds unfortunate, but it might just be your imagination, and you didn't really eat any improperly prepared fugu. Or are your lips getting numb? I kid, of course.

As with most of the rest of the Kotaku editors, my day has been spent trying to get work done and not play Rock Band - something I've managed fairly well. However, when creating my first character for the game last night, I ran into some interesting style decisions over the insanely dynamic Rock Band character maker.

My first attempt at a guitarist was guided by my wife, who ended up picking a dark-colored pompadour hairstyle and a cleanshaven, rock-styled look. Add to that the requisite clothing, and 'Hol' ended up looking a bit like Morrissey - or at least one of his bequiffed backing band.

I was OK with that, but most of the songs in the game require a bit more scuzz than that, so after she wandered away, I switched 'Hol' to shaven-headed, and switched out the lip coloring to darker - hey presto, an instant Smashing Pumpkins look. Cooler? Nah, just different, and so easy to change, too. I wonder what bands our dutiful Kotaku readers are styling their characters after?

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