My Little Pony, Cloud Pony

cloudpony.jpgWho is going to save the land of Catz 2 for the Wii from the wrath of the Sephiroth of wolves? Who will stand up to his house-splodey, animal crazy-making ways? How about a pretty pony who thought he was a soldier but turned out to be living the life of his dead best friend? This custom My Little Pony figure comes complete with spiky blond hair and Advent Children sweater outfit, complete with the lion emblem dealiebob. The creator has him up on eBay right now, with a $US 45 starting bid and no bidders as of yet. You have four days to decide exactly how much of a Final Fantasy VII fan you are. Once you buy a custom Pony there ain't no going back.

Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII Custom My Little Pony [eBay - Thanks Brian!]


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