Mysterious Mass Effect Experience Site Surfaces

masslock.jpg Kotakuite A.W. sends word that a Mass Effect Experience site has gone live on the Xbox website. Upon reaching the site, you are presented with a keycode lock which asks you to fill in a date, presumably to access the site. I tried the obvious route and entered the release date of the game, but to no avail. My guess is that the date is something to significant to the game's story, but not being fortunate enough to have made it to the right K-mart last weekend or received a review copy, I'm not sure what this date could be. perhaps someone who has been playing the game for a week now could enlighten us?

Update: Well, now that you've all had a hilarious laugh at my expense, I will at least defend myself by saying I didn't see anything that said enter birth date since I opened the site in another tab and immediately went back to other work while it was loading. I guess I was hoping there was something more interesting to it than an age gate. I suppose that's what one gets for over thinking.


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