Mystery Devs Working On Unreal Engine 3 For Wii

ue3wii.jpgEpic aren't bringing the Unreal Engine 3 to the Wii. Never were, never will. Doesn't mean it's not going to happen, though! In an interview with Kikizo, Epic talisman Mark Rein has said that while they themselves would never dream of such a thing, he knows there's someone out there, somewhere, taking a crack at it:

I know one of our licensee who's giving it a shot. It's their own port, in the same way Ubisoft brought Unreal Engine 2 to the Wii.

Hrm. Best of luck to them. But honestly, the Wii? I love the thing, but you can't actually get blood out of a stone. That's just a saying!

Wii Unreal Engine 3 in Development [Kikizo]


    Maybe I'm just being harsh bastard but I reckon that awesome pic on this story is a true reflection of what the end product will look like XD

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