Namco's Fragile Site Launches

fragilenamco.jpg A website has launched for a new Wii RPG from Namco entitled Fragile. There is not much information available on it at the moment, but the site lists three dates: Nov. 22, 24 and 26. The 26th seems to be the date that the full site will open and hopefully give us more details on the title. As far as the other two dates are concerned, I'm not entirely sure, but I'm sure one of you out there will be able to translate for us in the comments.

Fragile [Namco]


    Looking through the website, it looks like an adventure RPG for the Wii.

    Here are some 'direct/raw' translations (Read from Right to Left):

    Haikyo Tanken RPG: Motion Sensing System Wii
    [Ruins Search RPG]

    Fragile ~Goodbye Moon's Ruins~

    Nov 22nd 2007: The official date for info-release about this game on "Shuukan Fami-kan" magazine.

    Nov 24th 2007: A video preview of this game will be played in "Denki 15th Anniversary Ceremony". Restricted preview only.

    Nov 26th 2007: Site officially opens.

    I guess we have to revisit the site 'after' 26th to get more tidbits about this game!

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