NCsoft Thanks Players With CoH Goodness

cohheroes.jpgYesterday NCsoft announced the purchase of full ownership of the City of Heroes games, and now they're thanking fans for their support in a big way. Since City of Villains release, players have had to purchase both in order to play for the other team, but now NCsoft has unlocked both sides for everyone! Players who only had access to one faction from now on have both. Neat! Other incentives include a complete debt wipe after the launch of the Episode 11: A Stitch In Time update, along with a Supergroup prestige bonus of 20,000 per character, amounting to up to 3,000,000. That's relatively insane. Finally they've announced that all players named Michael Fahey get to play the game for free forever, with the exception of Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey, who gets more search results in Google than I do. Okay, that last one might have been a lie, but still! NCsoft loves their City of players!


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