NCSoft: We Have No Intention of Leaving Games

ncsoft_logo.gifThis weekend's Korean Times story, full of woe and certain financial doom for NCsoft, may not be exactly on the mark says the online game developer.

While the Times story says that "NCsoft is slowly but steadily expanding to the non-game Internet service sector, while its cash-cow game business is losing vigour", NCsoft tells us that's not exactly true.

What reads like a negative story in the hands of the Korean Times, sounds like a positive in NCsoft's response to us. Hit the jump to read their official statement and then make your own decision on where NCsoft is headed.

"For over ten years, the core business of NCsoft has been Online Games. NCsoft has no intention of moving focus away from online gaming. As a matter of fact, NCsoft has recently announced some major gaming initiatives including the acquisition of the entire City of Heroes IP from Cryptic Studios and the formal announcement of Carbine Studios in Orange County, California. Additionally the company just released Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa earlier this month (growing accounts on a daily basis) and is set to release the highly anticipated Aion in Korea and other territories next year. Gaming is clearly the core of NCsoft's business and will continue to be that way for years to come.

As an online company NCsoft is constantly looking at new and innovative ways to interact with its audience and to bring its core content to players all over the world. There are many new developments right now that are shaping how our players interact and in general how people are using the Internet. We intend to move with the times and offer communication channels that are relevant to our audience.

For example we are now using Wikis to share official game information with our players; in addition we are in discussion with existing social networking sites in how to co-operate further. This isn't really newsworthy but just a natural progression of how we interact with our players. It doesn't detract from what we do day to day, it merely compliments it. It would be a little like saying launching a marketing website about one of our games now means we are shifting our focus from games to websites.

A few technologies are being rolled out in the Korean market we have not yet made any concrete plans to bring social networking applications to other territories, but we will evolve with the rest of the web and the demands of our consumers."

If it turns out that they're exploring new ways to blend social networks and massively multiplayer online games, I'm so down with that. Seems like a potentially very cool idea and we all know that the world of MMOs could use a bit of a shake up.


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