Neo Geo VC Games To Include New Difficulty Settings

neogeologo.jpgBrandon Sheffield's got an innocent-looking little interview up on Gamasutra with unknown Japanese team D4. You don't know who they are, we don't know who they are: turns out they're responsible for transferring all the old Neo Geo games so that they work on the Virtual Console. Kinda interesting! More interesting is this comment from their project manager Shinobu Shimizu:

We will be including certain features...such as difficulty settings, to make difficult titles, like Magician Lord, more user friendly for players at home.

Very interesting! Some of those old Neo Geo games, they were ass-kickers, so it's nice to see they're thinking of helping the average man out by toning the whole thing down. Q&A: D4's Shimizu On How Neo Geo Got To Wii [Gamasutra]


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