New $US 99 PS2 Model To Debut In 2008

pstwo.jpgExpect a new PS2 model to hit the US in 2008. Expect it to cost $US 99, and expect it to sell like hotcakes. That's the news coming out of British trade site MCV, who are also saying the new "compact" model will be internally-powered (ie no external power brick), allowing Sony to cut manufacturing costs and thus save a bit of cash. It would also allow the console to use up to 25% less power. Wonderful! Oh, before you go, bear in mind that while MCV aren't normally the types to grind grain in the rumour mill, this is unconfirmed by Sony, so don't go freaking out on us just yet. New low-price 'compact' PS2 to arrive in 2008 [MCV]


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