New Anthology on Player Experiences

videogameplayertext.jpgAs I promised yesterday, during my run as Bizarro Brian I want to share some recent activity in the field of game studies.

Videogame, Player, Text is a new anthology with articles focused on player experiences in games. Barry Atkins and Tanya Krzywinska are the editors, and contributors include Marie-Laure Ryan, Matteo Bittanti, Henry Lowood, Jesper Juul, and others. These are some of the names you might want to Google around for if you're interested in the academic study of games.

Table of contents after the jump. Contents Introduction: Videogame, player, text - Barry Atkins and Tanya Krzywinska 1. Beyond Ludus: narrative, videogames and the split condition of digital textuality - Marie-Laure Ryan 2. All too urban: to live and die in SimCity - Matteo Bittanti 3. Play, modality and claims of realism in Full Spectrum Warrior - Geoff King 4. Why am I in Vietnam? - The history of a video game - Jon Dovey 5. 'It's Not Easy Being Green': real-time game performance in Warcraft - Henry Lowood 6. Being a determined agent in (the) World of Warcraft: text/play/identity - Tanya Krzywinska 7. Female Quake players and the politics of identity - Helen W. Kennedy 8. Of eye candy and id: the terrors and pleasures of Doom 3 - Bob Rehak 9. Second Life: the game of virtual life - Alison McMahan 10. Playing to solve Savoir-Faire - Nick Montfort 11. Without a goal - on open and expressive games - Jesper Juul 12. Pleasure, spectacle and reward in Capcom's Street Fighter series - David Surman 13. The trouble with Civilization - Diane Carr 14. Killing time: time past, time present and time future in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Barry Atkins

Videogame, Player, Text [Manchester University Press]


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