New Playstation Store, Ala Photoshop

psstore_ps.jpgEither this guy is incredibly passionate about his PS Store experience... or he has way too much time on his hands.

Way too much.

Whatever you believe, a user by the name of "cruzader" on PS3Forums spent at least a couple of hours ignoring his chores and doing Sony's work for it, by designing a new PS Store in Photoshop.

Visit the thread, see what you think. Personally, it's not something I'd use. But then, I don't use the current PS Store (and probably never will).

Update: Sigh... do people go looking for this stuff? It seems as though someone interpreted my last comment as an insult against Sony. Which it wasn't. I don't use Xbox Live, or any online console service for that matter. It's not that I don't like them, or have some irrational hate of Microsoft or Sony, I just don't have any need for them. I'm sure they're great.

The "New" (photoshopped) PS Store [PS3Forums, thanks Drew]


    Wow Sony should really hire this guy to design their Sony O-Shop!

    Some of his photoshop are amazin ^ ^
    Almost made-believe~

    Yeah I like the style but I don't really mind the current one. It serves its purpose as I don't really intend to be spending hours sitting in the store. I go in, download demos, wham bam I have gamplay. Then I'm set.

    Oh and on the update, I agree, people just take things too negatively these days. I could say "I don't like Cheddar" and people would assume I hate cheese (i don't). I'm not too big on the online thing aswell. I prefer to be sitting around the loungeroom having a drink with some mates and playing games rather than over bits.

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