New PS2 Confirmed, Not Slimmer, Not $US 99

ps2redesigned.jpg Live in Japan? Get out that big red magic marker. November 22nd sees the arrival of a redesigned PS2 (SCPH-90000). While rumoured to retail for under $US 100, the redesigned PS2 will sell for ¥16,000 ($US 140) and comes in Charcoal Black, Ceramic White and Satin Silver. The system has apparently been completely overhauled and features an built-in AC adaptator. It's internally powered! While the size is the same as the current PS2, the new one weighs slightly less. There's a special stand peripheral that is going on sale as well for 1,600 ($US 4!). All this is Japan-only at the moment, but look forward to the inevitable Western launch. Hopefully at a lower price point! New PS2 [PlayStation via Saving Progress Thanks Zvi!]


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