New Studio Formed For New Terminator Game

giantt800face.jpgIn case you're not up to speed on your Terminatorverse, there's more Terminator movies coming. First one's called Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. These aren't your average Arnie v Michael Biehn tussles, either. They're set in the future, where John Connor fights robots, watches other humans get killed by robots and does it all in perpetual darkness. The Halcyon Co., who own the rights to the Terminator IP, have announced that they've formed their own internal development studio to handle the film's game adaptations. Peter Levin, acting CEO of Halcyon Games:

When you own the intellectual property and have the creative control, you can make sure you're publishing a top-tier video game that will satisfy the needs of the marketplace.

Game's due on "all next-generation consoles" (guess they mean 360, PS3 and Wii), PC and Mobile in late two-thousand-and...nine. Guess it's a bit early for screenshots, then. Halcyon game for 'Terminator' adaptation [Hollywood Reporter, via Shacknews]


    2009 eh? atleast they are giving it good time as opposed to the moldy weevil ridden sack of disappointment that is most of the movie game tie in releases. in fact, all terminator games seem to fall into that category as well :S

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