New WoW Ads Recruit Mr. T and Shatner

WOW_MR_T_gawker.flv.jpgThis new WoW ad starring Mr. T is seriously the funniest thing I've seen on the internet in some time. I really have little else to say, since I don't want to ruin the fun of watching it. But it did occur to me that much of our readership probably doesn't even know who Mr. T is from anything but parodies or Wikipedia...which caused me to douse my body in Rogaine, divorce my 25-year-old wife for someone 10 7 years younger and ride off into the sunset in an undersized convertible stuffed with gold clubs. Hit the jump for it and the William Shatner spot, which while fully post-worthy, can't contend with Mr. T. These spots almost make me want to play WoW again. But then I see the scars on my hands and back away.

World of Warcraft Commercials [blizzard]Thanks Victor!


    Pure AWESOME. The Shatner one is a little dull, unfortunately.

    I prefer the Shatner one... he's channelling that shit.

    Do they need more subscribers? Is this turning into some sort of challenge to see how big a countries population they can match?

    Shatner > all

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