New Zealand Cop Blames Families, Religion For Violent Youth Crime

nzpolice.jpgDon't be silly. Of course he doesn't. He blames videogames! In New Zealand, youth crime overall is on the decline, but violent youth crime is on the way up. Superintendent Bill Harrison, national manager of police youth services, knows what's behind it:

You see these kids - their hands are wringing wet with sweat because their bodies are taking in what's going on on the screen and they are acting it out.

Cue the regular old arguments, counter-arguments and rolled eyeballs from all interested parties, which is where the story normally gets very uninteresting. But this one's saved by the New Zealand Herald's subsequent guide to violent videogames, entitled "A BOX FULL OF NASTIES".

While San Andreas predictably features, New Zealand's parents should also be wary their children don't their hands on NARC. Or Crime Life: Gang Wars. Presumably because the country has been flooded with copies of those best-selling hits.

Video violence beyond a game: top cop [NZHerald, via GamePolitics]


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