Next DS Hardware Already Finished?

dslogo.jpgOooooh, buckle up. This is a good one. Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson has "contacts", apparently. Contacts either inside, or very close to, Nintendo. What do they tell him?

Our contacts indicate that a refreshed DS is complete. It is thinner (it has no GBA port), has on-board storage and larger screens. However, we do not expect a revamped Wii or DS until sales begin to tail off in all three major geographies.

Totally unsubstantiated by Nintendo, of course, so we'll just throw the gates open on this one and see what you think. Oh, what was that? What do we think? Whatever. We all know a DS redesign is coming somewhere down the line, so this week, we may as well entertain the notion that this is it.

Analyst: DS redesign already done [GameSpot]


    I finally gave in and bought my very first nintendo console (DS) last month and this is how they repay me??


    Nintendo are constantly improving the look, feel and functionality of their handheld consoles. Think of all the iterations of Gameboy, the Gameboy Color, the advance and SP, even the fact that there was a bigger DS *BEFORE* the DS Lite.

    It does not surprise me for a second that a new DS has been created and is awaiting release... Good reporting Kotaku-!

    As a DS Lite owner, it doesn't bother me at all that new hardware is on its way because it'll increase the size of the consumer base which will raise the budget for software = More titles.

    I'd go so far as to speculate that the dropping of GBA Slot support could make way for the in-built TV Tuner that was recently announced!

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